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Our President

The president of Gita Bhawan Public School and also the president of Gita Bhawan, Moga as well as Pawan Dham, Haridwar.
The activities of the School are administered by Gita Bhawan Public School Society (Regd.), Moga.
The School's founding day was August 18, 1995 on the eve of Lord Krishna's Birthday (Krishan Janam Aasthami).
Pawan Dham is located about 500 mt further, along the Rishikesh road. The temple is famed for it's fantastic glass and mirrorwork and it's elaborately garbed idols. Pawan Dham Temple is situated just two km from Haridwar, along the Rishikesh road, in Uttarakhand.
The temple is noted for the exquisite mirror and glasswork. The elaborately decorated idols in the temple are worth visiting. Presentley Managed all works under Swami Sahaj Prakash,He is President of Pawan -Dham , A Branch of Geeta Bhawan Trust Society (Regd.) also Geeta Bhawan Public School, Moga,Punjab.

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